Our beloved magazine doesn’t interest your clientele so don’t bother!!! I have taken some great pleasure in the years seeing some ‘wannabee snobs’ believe that our magazine which has featured the word ‘fuck’ in from time to time wouldn’t interest their target audience……..

The posh older folks down the Gower love the magazine every bit as much as the drunken mess in the City Centre!

It wasn’t intended that way but the World isn’t as simple as it used to be.

If you are attempting to target people in Liverpool, London or Tokyo city then I’d suggest elsewhere but I truly believe that advertising money does not go further in and around Swansea any better than in Jack Swan magazine for any demographic…. maybe not babies!

Full page £1,040 for 12 issues. Half £660.

If you want to know whether it works. Pick up the oldest issue you can find, pick up the latest one and see how many of the same advertisers are in each one.